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Rich The Factor - Street VS. Commercial: Mix Collection [2005][Kansas City]

2 Disc

No Tracklist

Rich The Factor - Street VS. Commercial: Mix Collection

Fatboy Chubb - What That Is? [2008][Kansas City]

01-Meny Mac Feat. Rich The Factor & Ave Gang
02-Guce Drop
03-Ave & Eddy Feat. Messy Marv
04-Luni Coleone Drop
05-Touchdown Feat. Killa Tay & C-Heff
06-Kuzzo Fly Drop
07-Ain't No Niggas (C-Heff)
08-Ave The Sav Drop
09-What It Is Feat. Ave Gang & C-Heff
10-Chubb Drop
11-Dem Niggas (Filthy Fattz)
12-U Want It Feat. Keyz

Fatboy Chubb - What That Is?

Boy Big - The Hook [2007][Kansas City]

01 Intro Feat. Born Again
02 Hustler Feat. Rappin Twan, Filthy Fatts & Mitch The Mingler
03 Visions Feat. None Otha
04 Dead In The Center Feat. Rich The Factor & Fat Tone
05 Take It Back
06 L.O.V.E. Feat. Corbella
07 In These Streets Feat. Cyco City, Ecay Uno & Mike Loc
08 Reppin' The People Feat. Slo Nicotero & Sliccs
09 Interlude
10 On The Block Feat. Double R & John Dosia
11 Full-Time Gritters Feat. YNG, Swisha & John Dosia
12 I Know Feat. The Popper
13 Choosen
14 Wiggle Feat. Cyco City & Mitch The Mingler
15 With A Factor Feat. Sliccs
16 The Watch Feat. Ghostface Killah & Raekwon The Chef
17 This Game Must Pay Me Feat. Rich The Factor
18 Take Away The Pain Feat. Cyco City
19 Outro

Boy Big - The Hook

Ric Jilla - The Albulation Network [2007][Gary, Ind]

01-Albulation Intro Feat. Ric Jilla
02-Rep The 219 (Remix) Feat. Thugged Out, Vonnie, Hit & Soope
03-I'm A Midwest Nicca Feat. Chiboi
04-Middle Of The Map Feat. C-Mob
05-Er'body Smokin (Take A Trip With Me) Feat. Dead Bodiez & Mutt Dogg
06-Cocaine Feat. Young Dusi & Killa Of Gutta Block
07-The Bobblehead Song Feat. Freddie Gibbs
08-Fight Dem Niggaz Feat. The Legendary Traxster & E-Dub The Gangsta
09-Huslte Feat. Nukki Andrews
10-Smokin On Some Kill Feat. Cap 1
11-Im About My Money Feat. Nappyville
12-I'm Wit It Feat. Nukki Andrews & AK Of P$C
13-Put Your Heels On Feat. L.U.V.
14-Midwest Girls (Remix) Feat. Bullet Boy, M.A.G., Soope & Blazed)
15-Make Me Know It Feat. Swift
16-Felt Like That (Nookie) Feat. Heads Of State
17-How Did They Do That? Feat. 3rd Degree
18-Touch 'Em Feat. Grind & Belo Of Do Or Die
19-Be Alright Feat. Do Or Die & Johnny P
20-Albulation Outro

Ric Jilla - The Albulation Network Featuring Ric Jilla

Saturday, September 13, 2008

K-Rino - The Other Side [2008][Houston]

01-Let It Be Known
02-The Session
03-Death Session Feat. Snapp
04-Steppin' On Toes Feat. O.G. Style & Bun-B
05-Stayin' Alive Feat. Z-Ro & Spice 1
06-Do You Really Wanna Do
07-Deep Feat. Blessed Child
08-Take Yo Mind
09-Hundred Miles Feat. Menace Mike, Blessed Child & Bum
10-Fuck The Rap Game Feat. E-Man, Damon Dizzle & Ill Ron
11-The Worse They Treat Us Feat. Menace Mike & Rasheed
12-Gangsta Shit Feat. Damon Dizzle, E-Man & Ill Ran

K-Rino - The Other Side

The Veteran Click - The Day We Worldwide [2000][Kansas City]

01 Neck Of The Woods
02 Skit 1
03 Ain't Nuthin Changed
04 The Day We Worldwide Feat. DJ Fresh
05 Represent Yo Hood Feat. The 57 RDV & Tech N9ne
06 Town To Town (Club Clean)
07 Lyrical Menageatrois Feat. Tech N9ne & Vell Bakardy
08 Return Of The Weapon (Radio Clean)
09 Here I Come Feat. Don Juan
10 Area Code Feat. Hustlamade Bugzy, Hobo Tone & The Incredible Zig
11 Tramp Into Yo Lady
12 Opened Wide
13 What We Do Feat. Mad Marlon
14 Become A Memory
15 Skit 2
16 In & Out
17 Be Aware Feat. S.G. Mr. Luna, Grant Rice & MD 23
18 Check My Record The Remix Feat. The P.H.I.L.S.T.I.R., Mon-E-G & Dalima
19 Town To Town (Outro) Feat. Mr. Stinky

The Veteran Click - The Day We Worldwide

Hustlamade Bugz - 108% Persistence [2003][Kansas City]

01 All Stars (That's My Team)
02 V.C. (Notorious)
03 Lumba Jack Feat. Mac-K & Ren Da Birdman
04 The 3 Elements Feat. Gritt Town Boyz
05 Balla Vision Feat. Rich The Factor & Gritt Town Boyz
06 Dedicate
07 You'z A Hata Feat. Specktacle & Mon-E-G
08 Everythang Feat. Mac-K (Young Locstas)
09 Headbusta #1 Feat. Ren Da Birdman
10 Whats The Real
11 Game On Froze
12 Fuck Da World Feat. Mac-K & Ren Da Birdman
13 Million Dolla Hunt
14 On One Feat. Gangsta Grim & Lil Flip
15 Gritt Town Feat. Smoke, Specktacle & 7-Sinz
16 Outtabound Feat. Big Baby
17 Touch Feat. Lil' Craze' & Gritt Town Boyz
18 4 Block Feat. Lil' Clee & Smoke Da Savage

Hustlamade Bugz - 108% Persistence

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Organized Konfusion + Solo Discography

Organized Konfusion was an alternative hip hop duo from Queens, New York. Though not commercially popular, the duo was one of the most respected and acclaimed underground hip hop acts of the 1990s, largely due to the duo's intelligent rhymes, and the groundbreaking lyricism of Pharoahe Monch.

Organized Konfusion - Organized Konfusion (1991)

01 - Fudge Funk
02 - Fudge Pudge
03 - Walk Into The Sun
04 - Releasing Hypnotical Gases
05 - Audience Pleasers
06 - Jiminez Criqueta
07 - Prisoners Of War
08 - The Rough Side Of Town
09 - Organized Konfusion
10 - P.S. 48
11 - Roosevelt Franklin
12 - Who Stole My Last Piece Of Chicken? [Remix]
13 - Open Your Eyes
14 - Intro
15 - Who Stole My Last Piece Of Chicken?

Organized Konfusion - Organized Konfusion

Organized Konfusion - Stress: The Extinction Agenda (1994)

01 - Intro
02 - Stress
03 - The Extinction Agenda
04 - Thirteen
05 - Black Sunday
06 - Drop Bombs
07 - Bring It On
08 - Why
09 - Let's Organize Feat. Q-Tip & O.C.
10 - 3-2-1
11 - Keep It Koming
12 - Stray Bullet
13 - Maintain

Organized Konfusion - Stress: The Extinction Agenda

Organized Konfusion - The Equinox (1997)

01 Interior Assassin's Car 3:35 A.M. (Skit)
02 They Don't Want It!
03 March 21 345 A.M. (Skit)
04 9x Out Of 10
05 Questions
06 Soundman
07 Move
08 Confrontations
09 Life And Malice Exterior Club Nite (Skit)
10 Numbers
11 Shugah Shorty Feat. Hurricane G
12 Interior Car Nite (Skit)
13 Invetro
14 Chuck Cheese Feat. Tha Ill Rahlos
15 Interior Marisol's Apartment (Skit)
16 Sin
17 Hate
18 March 21 3:47 A.M. (Skit)
19 Somehow, Someway
20 Epilogue
21 United As One

Organized Konfusion - The Equinox

Organized Konfusion - The Best Of Organized Konfusion (2005)

02-Walk Into The Sun
03-Sway & Tech Radio Promo
04-Sugah Shorty
06-Stray Bullets
07-Somehow, Someway
08-Roosevelt Franklin
09-Releasing Hypnotical Gases
11-Passion (Unreleased)
12-Open Your Eyes
14-Let's Organize
15-Late Night Action
17-Fudge Pudge
18-Bring It On
19-Black Sunday
20-9 Xs Out Of 10

Organized Konfusion - The Best Of Organized Konfusion

Pharoahe Monch - Internal Affairs (1999)

01 Intro
02 Behind Closed Doors
03 Queens
04 Rape
05 Simon Says
06 Official
07 Hell Feat. Canibus
08 No Mercy Feat. M.O.P.
09 Right Here
10 The Next Shit Feat. Busta Rhymes
11 The Ass Feat. Apani
12 The Light
13 God Send Feat Prince Poetry
14 The Truth Feat. Common & Talib Kweli
15 Simon Says (Remix) Feat. Lady Luck, Redman, Method Man, Shabaam Shadeeq & Busta Rhymes

Pharoahe Monch - Internal Affairs

Pharoahe Monch - Yall Know The Name (Bootleg) [2002]

01 Yall Know The Name Feat. Xzibit
02 Oh No Feat. Mos Def & Nate Dogg
03 What Is The Law
04 Fuck You
05 Livin It Up
06 Innovations Feat. Saukrates
07 My Life Feat. Styles
08 Simon Says (Remix) Feat. Busta Rhymes, Lady Luck, Method Man, Redman & Shabaam Sahdeeq
10 Mumia 911 (Diamond D Remix) Feat. Black Thought, Chuck D, Dead Prez & Tragedy Khadafi
11 Dub Plate Feat. Wyclef Jean & Kenny Rogers
12 Lyrical Fluctuation 2000 Feat. Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Mr. Complex & Shabaam Sahdeeq
13 Dirty Decibels Feat. Cage
14 I Shot The Mayor
15 The Anthem Feat. Sway & King Tech, DJ Revolution, RZA, Tech N9ne, Eminem, Xzibit, Kool G. Rap, Jayo Felony, Chino XL & KRS-One
16 Stray Bullet Feat. Prince Poetry
17 Bring It On Feat. Prince Poetry
18 Last Dayz
19 WWIII Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq
20 Rape

Pharoahe Monch - Yall Know The Name

Clinton Sparks & DJ Boogie Brown Present Pharoahe Monch - The Awakening (2006)

01-Clinton Sparks Intro
02-Shut Em Down Freestyle
03-Pain Interlude
05-Lets Go
06-We Must Be In Love
07-Shes A Ho
08-The Note
09-Agent Orange
12-Stray Bullet Freestyle
13-The Sniper Skit
14-Gun Draws
16-Down By Law

Clinton Sparks & DJ Boogie Brown Present Pharoahe Monch - The Awakening

Pharoahe Monch - Desire (2007)

01 Intro
02 Free
03 Desire Feat. Showtyme
04 Push Feat. Showtyme, Mela Machinko & Tower Of Power
05 Welcome To The Terrordome
06 What It Is
07 Gun Draws Feat. Mr. Porter
08 Let's Go Feat. Mela Machinko
09 Body Baby
10 Bar Tap Feat. Mela Machinko
11 Hold On Feat. Erykah Badu
12 So Good
13 Trilogy Act 1 Feat. Mr. Porter
14 Trilogy Act 2 Feat. Dwele
15 Trilogy Act 3 Feat. Tone
16 Book Of Judges
17 Agent Orange

Pharoahe Monch - Desire

Prince Po - The Slickness (2004)

01 - Hello
02 - Too Much
03 - Love Thang
04 - Hold Dat Feat. Jemini & Rell
05 - It's Goin' Down Feat. Stone
06 - Social Distortion Feat. MF Doom
07 - The Slickness
08 - Grown Ass Man
09 - Bump Bump Feat. Raekwon
10 - Meet Me At The Bar Feat. J-Zone & J-Ro
11 - Fall Back Feat. Jemini & Cairo
12 - Be Easy
13 - Hold Dat (Club Remix) Feat. Jemini & Rell

Prince Po - The Slickness

Prince Po - Prettyblack (2006)

02-Pretty Black
03-Mecheti Lightspeed
04-Ask Me Feat. 2Mex
05-Right 2 Know Feat. Chas West
06-Holla (L. Boogies Theme) Feat. Presto (GBG) & CJ
07-Feel It 4 U
10-Purple Kush Ritual Feat. Chyna Black
11-Creep On It
13-U Right Hear (J. Dilla Tribute) Feat. Concise Kilgore
14-The City Sleeps
15-Bonus Track

Prince Po - Prettyblack

Tomc3 & Prince Po - Saga Of The Simian Samurai (2007)

01-The Saga Begins
02-Saga Of The Simian Samurai
03-Roota To The Toota
04-Lessons In Drama
06-Now And Then
07-Apocalyptic Medicine Feat. Motion Man & Kool Keith
10-Bad Brainz
11-Land Of Perfect
12-I'm Hatin
13-Can't Stop Won't Stop Feat. A.G.
14-Rockland Feat. Del The Funky Homosapien

Tomc3 & Prince Po - Saga Of The Simian Samurai

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Cap.1 - Theory Of Life (CHI)(2003)

02-Mr. Big
03-Never Felt Feat. Christina
05-What U On
06-Ghetto Wayz
07-Son Of Man
08-Get Buk Feat. Payroll
09-Ready 2 Move Feat. Shawnna Of D'Tp
10-Empire Feat. Payroll
12-Hustler Feat. L.J.
13-Ghetto Luv
14-All Alone
15-My Pain Feat. L.J.

Cap.1 - Theory Of Life

No I.D. - Accept Your Own & Be Yourself (The Black Album) (CHI)(1997)

01 Heat
02 We Rock Like So
03 Fate Or Destiny
04 State To State
05 I'm Thinkin' (Interlude)
06 Mega Live (That's The Joint)
07 Sky's The Limit (Inf Mix)
08 Dreams
09 The Real Weight
10 Jump On It
11 Gem (Interlude)
12 Original Man
13 Pray For The Sinners
14 Sky's The Limit
15 Two Steps Behind

No I.D. - Accept Your Own & Be Yourself (The Black Album)

Felix Mitchell "The Billionaire" - Roadkill Mixtape Volume 1 (Kansas City)(2008)

01 FM's Monster Mash
02 Bacc Home Feat. Sliccs Gotcha & Skiem
03 The Return Of Mr. Mitchell Feat. AR15
04 (Super Sportin') Another One Feat. Rappin Twan
05 Swaggaticious Feat. Kash
06 Where Ya Head At
07 Groovin Thru The Lanes Feat. Sliccs Gotcha
08 Only 2 Left Feat. Sliccs Gotcha & Skiem
09 Money Over Here Feat. Sliccs Gotcha
10 They Comin' For Me Feat. L.C.D.
11 I'd Rather Ride Feat. Sliccs Gotcha
12 In The Streets Feat. Rich The Factor
13 Untitled Hidden Track

Felix Mitchell "The Billionaire" - Roadkill Mixtape Volume 1

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Various Artists - 50 MC's (1998)(Kansas City)

Best comp representing KC

01-Intro [DJ Fresh]
02-Lavish Living [Griff, Blydell, Q-Dawg, Dirtycurtd & Al Foxx]
03-Haters Anthem [R.O.B., Dr Who, Godemis, Sundae & Incredible Zig]
04-Swope Park To Forest Park [Moses, Kamu, Seven, Geeman & Verbal]
05-Knowledge Is King [Hobo Tone, Philstir, I-Am, Cro,e Capital & Jay-Lee]
06-Maintaining [Zeno, Meech, Mad Dog 20-20, Teddy Bear Capone,1-2 Pint]
07-Thug Groove [Mr. Manson, Mr. Stinky, Grant, Shorty & DJ Fresh]
08-Mid Intro-Mad Confusion [Bear & Tech N9ne]
09-My Kind A Company [Mon E.G., Netta-Dog, Jo Ho & Vell Bakardy]
10-Indo Show [Wiccad 1, G.N.R.L, Ali, 1st Lady & O.G. Riff]
11-Ready For The Meat Wagon [Loppy, Hydro, Tech N9ne & Ray Dee]
12-Midwest Connect [Milk, Fat Ass & San The Savage]
13-Taking Notes From Them Dead Niggas [Dun-Deala, Lonnie Luv, Tamika, Jocmax & E-Skool]
14-Weekend Girl [Black Dawg, Verb-L, U.B.B., Clout 9 & Incredible Zig]
15-Outro [DJ Fresh]
16-Snake Date (Bonus Track) [Hobo Tone]

Various Artists - 50 MC's

E.C. Illa - WhiteFolks [2005][CHI]

02-Young Illa
03-Fa The Fuck Of It
06-Out There Bad
07-Pretty Bitch
08-Like Father, Like Son (Skit)
09-Son Of A Pimp
10-That Wang
11-Respect The Mob Feat. Dun D
12-One Night Stand
13-Ride Out
14-When I Close My Eyes
15-Fie It Up Feat. Triple Darkness, Psychodrama, Snypaz & Traxster

E.C. Illa - WhiteFolks

E.C. Illa - Underground Classics (2004)(CHI)

01 - The One
02 - One More Way
03 - Might As Well
04 - Peep Game
05 - Posted Up
06 - Night We Ride
07 - Get Down How You Live
08 - Strugglin'
09 - Mask & A Pump
10 - Fa My City
11 - Like A Chief
12 - What You Be About

E.C. Illa - Underground Classics

Jayo Felony Discography

James Savage, better known by his stage name, Jayo Felony is a rapper from southeast San Diego, California. In 1995 Jayo Felony was signed to the label owned by Jam Master Jay called Jam Master Jay Records. That year Jayo released his debut album, Take a Ride.

In 1998, Jayo released his follow-up album, Whatcha Gonna Do? on Def Jam. It featured rappers like Method Man, DMX, Mack 10, WC, Redman, Kokane, Ice Cube, E-40 and 8 Ball & MJG.

In 1999, he released Underground. He was due to release his fourth album, Hotter Than Fish Grease, in 2000, but for legal reasons the album was never released.

Jayo Felony - Take A Ride (1995)

01-Lock Down
02-The Loc Is On His Own
03-I'ma Keep Bangin'
05-Love Boat
06-Sherm Stick
07-Niggas And Bitches
08-Day 1
09-Can't Keep A Gee Down
10-Bitch I'm Through
11-Penitentiary Bound
12-Don't Call Me Nigga
13-They Got Me On Medication
14-Funk 2 Da Head
16-Take A Ride

Jayo Felony - Take A Ride

Jayo Felony - Whatcha Gonna Do? (1998)

Disc 1

01-Intro (Skit)
02-Nobody On Dry Land
03-How Angry Feat. Eightball & MJG
04-Whatcha Gonna Do? Feat. Method Man & DMX
05-Easy To Get In Feat. Method Man & DMX
06-Whatcha Gonna Do? (Remix) Feat. Mack 10, W.C. & Redman
07-Nitty Gritty
08-I'm Deadly
09-On The Way To 47 Block (Skit)
10-Gettin' Loop Loop (Skit)
12-Bumpin' Bullet Locc
13-Love Don't Love Feat. Kokane
14-Finna Shit On 'Em Feat. Mack 10
15-Hustle Into My Genes
16-End Of The World
17-J.A.Y.O. (Justice Against Y'all Oppressors) Feat. Ice Cube & E-40
18-Outro (Skit)

Disc 2 (Bonus Disc)

01 Faces Of Def

Jayo Felony - Whatcha Gonna Do?

Jayo Felony - Underground (1999)

01-Cop Killer
02-Whatcha Provin
03-Du Lo Gang
04-All Day & All Night
05-You & Me
07-True Stories
08-My Name In Your Mouth
09-Flow 4 Ya
10-That's On Me

Jayo Felony - Underground

Jayo Felony - Crip Hop (2001)

02-Gang Bangin' Shit Feat. Spice 1
03-One Shot Kill
04-Girls & Boys
05-What Ya Need
06-Trued Up Remix (Real Anthem)
08-Skit 1
09-Hurt That Nigga
10-Skit 11
11-Do You Love Life
12-Please Believe It
13-Sherm Sticc 111
14-Hotta Than Fish Grease Feat. Young Crook
15-Catch 'Em In The Mornin (Gay-Z Diss)
16-You's A Character (Snoop Dogg Diss)
17-Came Round
18-C Walk And Skip
19-She Loves Me

Jayo Felony - Crip Hop

Jayo Felony - Too The Nec (Time Is Bread) [2007]

02-Cuz I Can
03-Sweet Dic Willie
04-You Can't Fuc With Me
05-My History
06-Got Beef
07-The Takeover
08-Bout 2 Bubble
09-Let's All Roll
10-For A Livin'
11-Ghetto Horror Show
12-Fake Ass Gangbangers
13-Get The Duct Tape
14-I Gotcha
15-Beat That Bang
16-OG 2 Me
17-Represent Dat
18-Take A Ride
20-Back 2 Back Feat. The Game

Jayo Felony - Too The Nec (Time Is Bread)

Spice 1 & Jayo Felony - Criminal Intent (2007)

01-Hood Wit It Feat. Booda
02-Keep It Crackin' Feat. Booda
03-Put It Down Feat. Young Mennace & MM Cal
04-What Cha Gon Do Wit It Feat. Booda
05-Muthafuckaz Like These Feat. MM Cal & Tee Loke Da Psycho
06-2 Gutta 4 TV Feat. Booda
07-Bosses Feat. MM Cal
08-It Ain't No Love Feat. Booda
09-Gunnin' Em' Feat. Booda
10-The Showdown Feat. Tee Loke Da Psycho & MM Cal
11-U Don't Walk It
12-It's Crucial Feat. MM Cal
13-U Can't Rap

Spice 1 & Jayo Felony - Criminal Intent

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Potluck Discography

Rap duo Potluck probably knows hip-hop's ongoing relationship with marijuana better than most others, since their place of residence, Humboldt County, CA, is one of the marijuana production capitals of the world. Their albums basically flow just like a couple of guys, namely 1 Ton, aka James Kerri, and UnderRated, aka Josh Leiderman, strolling the town rapping about women, sports, hip-hop, and of course, that Humboldt green. Kerri, originally from San Diego, and Leiderman, born and raised in Humboldt, first met each other in 1995 in that northern California county where they both won the same DJ contest. With UnderRated handling most of the production, the duo dabbles in both underground and more accessible, mainstream-flavored music, but either way, they definitely don't stray from their West Coast origins, which is shown by some of their notable collaborators: E-40, Mystik Journeymen, the Luniz, and prolific Cali producer Bosko. Their first two albums, Humboldt County High in 2001 and Harvest Time in 2004, were released through their company, Lost Koast Productions, a business venture with musician and fellow co-producer Jefferey Simmons, Jr. However, their 2006 album, Straight Outta Humboldt, was jointly released with the Suburban Noize label, attracting them more national attention than had their prior work.

Potluck - Humboldt County High (2001)

01 The Weed Album
02 Humboldt County High
03 What's Your Purpose??
04 In My Chest
05 Maintain
06 Why Is Marijuana Illegal?? (Skit)
07 Potluck
08 I Remember
09 Shawn
10 Don't Fall A Sleep
11 Wake Up (Skit)
12 Where We Live
13 Game Goes
14 Dr. Feelgood
15 Lyrical Battle
16 One Thing I Like About Myself
17 Rollin' Dem Blunts Again

Potluck - Humboldt County High

Potluck - The Lost Koast Kollective (2002)

01 U Can Catch Me
02 Humboldt Hip-Hop
03 Bubble A Little
04 Can't Stop Me
05 First Kiss
06 1, 2, 3
07 Underground
08 Wanna Be With You
09 1-800-I-Can-Rap
10 It's A Shame
11 Risin' On Ya Game
12 Let U Know
13 Alone
14 Talk Is Cheap
15 No Worries
16 Girl
17 R U Down 4 Me
18 Absolute Intoxication

Potluck - The Lost Koast Kollective

Potluck - Harvest Time (2004)

01 Intro
02 Fight Night
03 Inhale/Exhale
04 Budget
05 Say What Ya Wanna Feat. Tech N9ne
06 Let Loose
07 Freedom
08 Stand Up
09 Real Phone Calls (Insert)
10 You Aint That Fine Feat. E-40 and Bosko
11 Do It Now
12 Sports Junkies Feat. Equipto
13 Hip Hop Feat. Mystik Journeymen
14 Smokin On A Blunt
15 U Don’t Even Know Me
16 The Way It Goes
17 Live In Colorado (insert)
18 Rap Life Feat. Cool Nutz
19 Lovin’ U
20 Just Like U
21 What Am I
22 First Kiss

Potluck - Harvest Time

Potluck - Straight Outta Humboldt (2006)

01 Rock The World
02 Get High
03 Fire
04 The Interview (Skit)
05 Mary Jane Feat. The Luniz
06 Money Makes The World Go Round
07 Dank Alumni
08 My Life
09 What We Are Feat. Tech N9ne & Big Krizz Kaliko
10 U Ain't That Fine Feat. E-40 & Bosko
11 Meeting With The Boss (Skit)
12 Roll Big Feat. Kottonmouth Kings
13 Doing Alright
14 Welcome 2 Humboldt
15 Love Me
16 Revolution Feat. Chali 2NA Of J5
17 Phone Calls (Skit)
18 Marijuana 101
19 One Day
20 Our History
21 Funeral Feat. Twiztid

Potluck - Straight Outta Humboldt

Monday, September 1, 2008

Snypaz Discography

Formed in the mid-'90s in Chicago, IL, Snypaz consists of members 2/4, Chilla, R-O-B, and Sic Wic. The quartet issued a tape in 1995, Ridin' High, and a year later released the six-track EP My Life as a Snypa (the latter selling 80,000 copies). The quartet then relocated to Houston, TX, to record tracks with Do or Die (1998's Headz or Tailz), and through that association hooked up with Scarface (appearing on his 1998 album My Homies). Not much was heard from Snypaz until 2001, when they signed with Virgin Records and issued their major-label debut, Livin' in the Scope.

Snypaz - Servin Niggaz Young - Player Ass Zhit

01 Ridin High
02 From Ghetto 2 Ghetto
03 Now They Wanna B.A.N.D.
04 Us Dont Change

Snypaz - Servin Niggaz Young - Player Ass Zhit

Snypaz - Livin In The Scope

02-U Don't Wanna Blaze
03-Roll Wit Thugs Feat. AK-47
04-Comin' Wit It
06-Dollar Bill Feat. The Regime & Yukmouth
07-That's On Everythang Feat. AK-47
08-Playa Like Me
09-We Do
10-Tear Da Roof Off
13-Juke It
14-Hot Onez
15-Skit (Kamakazi)

Snypaz - Livin' In The Scope

Snypaz - My Life As A Snypa

01-My Life As A Snypa
02-Faces Of Death [Wet Cho Set Mix]
04-Sit Up Get Lit Up
05-Chi-Town (Til It Go Down)
06-My Life's Instrumental

Snypaz - My Life As A Snypa

Snypaz - Snypaz

02-Boss Derbs
03-Too Deep
05-Fire It Up
06-Monroe St
08-Land Of The Lincoln
09-The Devil Made Me Do It
10-No Competition
12-Shot Callin

Snypaz - Snypaz

Snypaz - Return Of The Snypaz

02-Rumble Wit Us
03-Lets Get It On
04-Cold As Ice
08-Like This
09-Cops Comin
10-Hurtin Ass
11-On Ten
13-One Love
14-Kick It Off
15-Faces Of Death
16-Ride Wit A Thug

Snypaz - Return Of The Snypaz

Sicwicked & Rob Flynn - Born To Win

01 Intro
02 Ready Set Go
03 It Aint Hard To Tell
04 Interlude R.A.W.
05 Hate Us Feat. Staxx Malone & Har-v-2 Face
06 Come N Witt It Feat. Har-v-2 Face
07 Chi Town Plantinum Feat. Bullit
08 Born 2 Win
09 Money Relentless
10 5 Deep Feat. Newsense & Major Leaguers
11 When Death Becomes
12 Interlude ''Snypa Man''
13 Where You At Feat. Chilla
14 2g To Be Da Year
15 Muddier Feat. King Ron-E-Ron
16 Hell Callin
17 Have That Money Feat. Triple Darkness

Sicwicked & Rob Flynn - Born To Win

X Dash Discography

In 1995, X Dash wrote his first rhymes and flirted with the idea of becoming a rapper. He dubbed himself "X-1" (after the plane that broke the sound barriar in 1947), and formed an experimental group with close friends Justin "10DenC" Sehorn, James Thomas, Ja'son Forte, and DJ Blotter. Rocking house parties with Sehorn's band IOTA, X-1 and the newly formed Faultline thrived on teenage angst and a love for innovative music.

In 2000, X-1 started working on a project with Don Jaun and Brion "B'ZL" Dennis for Mizery Records. That project fell through, and with a driven heart, X-1 ended up at Lock-N-Load Records/5150 Mental Production under the direction of Keith "Big Keith" Loneker, Tone Wisdom, and William "The Wierdo" Wilson.

After promoting locally for Strange Music on Tech N9ne's "Anghellic", and nationally for Tech N9ne's "Absolute Power", X-1 changed his name to X Dash and released his long anticipated first album "There Goes The Neighborhood" in Spring of 2003.

In 2004, X Dash graduated from William Jewell College with a BA in Communication.

Today, X Dash has become a growing force in the KC local scene and is currently on the grind to build his fan base and spread his name.

Recently X Dash has performed with Mystikal, Tech N9ne, 2 Live Crew, and Chingy. He has also been a part of the underground movement with several up and coming underground artists. In Fall of 2005, X Dash released his second album "WorkaholiKc" under his own Indie Label "Lost Soul". Expect his new book "The Words in My Brain and the Ink in My Veins" to drop in the Spring of 2006.

X Dash - There Goes The Neighborhood (2003)

Features from Tech N9ne, Kutt Kalhoon, Big Krizz Kaliko, 3AM, BoChamp, Cassanova, Skitzo, Ten-10, Icy Roc and Trajik.

01 The Call
02 There Goes The Neighborhood
04 Freak You
05 What'cha Wanna Do
06 Something For The Playa's
07 Out Of Town Ho's
08 Crazy
09 How I Do It
10 MW Brings Pain
11 Outta Mine
12 Lost In Time
13 Blacktop Grindin'
14 Letters
15 Grin On My Grill
16 Freak You [Radio Edit]

X Dash - There Goes The Neighborhood

X Dash - Workaholikc (2005)

01 The Fix
02 Wigger
03 Trip The Light Fantastik
04 Boy Toy
05 It's Okay
06 Smokin' On That
07 Rev. Cletus P. Jones
08 We Get The Job Done
09 Love And War
10 WorkaholiKc
11 Belated Eulogy
12 Citizen's Arrest
13 John The Alien
14 Intergallaktic Juke Joint
15 B-E-A-utiful
16 Large Amounts
17 Bullshhhh!

X Dash - Workaholikc

X Dash - The Extro Version EP (2008)

01-The Blissful Wizard
02-Kiss The World Goodbye
04-The New Kid
06-One Of These Days

X Dash - The Extro Version EP