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Crucial Conflict Discography

Crucial Conflict are a Chicago hip hop group best known for its 1996 single "Hay" (from the album The Final Tic) and "Scummy" (from the album Good Side, Bad Side). The members of Crucial Conflict are Coldhard, Wildstyle, Kilo, and Never. They frequently collaborate with fellow Chicago rappers Do or Die and Twista. They recently finished their album Planet Crucon, with their newest single, "Barn Fire".

Crucial Conflict, with the help of Do or Die, made the Chicago rap community more visible. With great lyrics and fast-paced raps, the band was compared to Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, with whom they later ended up feuding. When the smash hit "Hay" was released, it improved the sales of the band's album The Final Tic.

They have collaborated and worked with such artists as Three 6 Mafia, Do or Die, Twista, R. Kelly, Warren G, The Outlawz, George Clinton, Project Pat, Da Brat, Busta Rhymes, DJ Quik, GLC and many others. Crucial Conflict has also recorded tracks for movie soundtracks such as How To Be A Player, Rhyme & Reason, Belly, and Thicker Than Water. They also made a brief cameo appearance in the 1998 Hype Williams movie Belly, which starred DMX and Nas.

Crucial Conflict - Crucial Times (1993)

01-Crucial Time
02-Real Type Of Thing
04-Cone And Get Some
05-Livin By The Steel
06-A Son's Drama
07-Pick It Up

Crucial Conflict - Crucial Times

Crucial Conflict - The Final Tic (1996)

01-Intro-Don't Let It
02-Final Tic
05-Life Ain't The Same
07-Trigger Happy
08-1-900-Off-Your Square
09-Lil Advice
10-Tell It To The Judge
11-Ride The Rodeo
12-To The Left
13-Just Getting My Money
14-Get Up
15-Hay (Remix)

Crucial Conflict - The Final Tic

Crucial Conflict - Good Side, Bad Side (1998)

02-The Bidness
04-Roll Something
05-2 Bogus
06-Let It Go
07-Like This
08-Young Guns
09-Universal Love
10-Faceless Ones
11-Swing It Over Here
13-Pump It Up
14-Back Against The Wall
15-Come On
16-I'm Bout To Explode
17-Ghetto Queen
18-Raw Dope Anthem

Crucial Conflict - Good Side, Bad Side

Crucial Conflict Presents Bucckwild Records The Call Of The Wild (2001)

01 The Land Of Buckwild
02 Inside The Middle
03 How U Raised
04 Representin' Feat. Highbeam Of The Legit Ballaz
05 Till Death
06 I Wanna Dance Feat. Trigger
07 Buckwild Anthem
08 All My Cats
09 102. Buckmusic
10 On And Poppin'
11 Live Ya Life
12 Gade Life
13 Rotate
14 Bring It On
15 Meditation
16 Baby Girl
17 B.B.S.
18 That Be Me Feat. T. Babe
19 Freaks Get Buck
20 Doe Doe
21 The Call Of The Wild

Crucial Conflict Presents Bucckwild Records The Call Of The Wild

Crucial Conflict - Ill-Legal: Street Mixtape (2003)

02-Gotta Do It
03-Pushing Dope
04-Fist Full Of Dollars
05-We On The Move (Lil John Remix) Feat. Mr. Blhunt
06-It's Hot
08-Blowed Away (50 Cent Remix) Feat. Tony Capone
09-Shakin The City Up Feat. Belo Of Do Or Die
10-Wave Ya Blunts Feat. Tommie Nikolz
11-Dirty Snatch
12-Gotta Eat
13-Snake (R.Kelly Remix) Feat. T-Babe & Tony Capone

Crucial Conflict - Ill-Legal: Street Mixtape

Crucial Conflict - The Flicts Of Life Mixtape (2004)

01-Good Side, Bad Side (Remix)
02-Who Am I Feat. Cold Hard
03-Send Tha Deck Up
04-Kill Da Popo's Feat. Crucial Conflict
05-Band Wit Us
06-Back Stabbers Feat. Crucial Conflict
07-Flex With U Feat. Wildstyle
08-Bogus Mayn
09-Hideous Feat. Cold Hard
10-Grind On Feat. Crucial Conflict
12-We Aint Scared Feat. Crucial Conflict
13-Dollars Make Sense Feat. Crucial Conflict
14-Posted Up
15-Throw Your Set Feat. Crucial Conflict
16-Strugglin And Starvin Feat. Cold Hard
17-When The Playaz Live
18-Good Game

Crucial Conflict - The Flicts Of Life Mixtape

Crucial Conflict - Planet Crucon (2008)

01-Planet Crucon
02-They What
04-City Streets
05-Hood Wit' It
06-Guess I'm A Pimp
07-Walk In My Shoes
08-By The Time Feat. George Clinton & Kendra Foster
10-Oow Oow Oow
11-Welcome To My World Feat. Sonny Cool
12-Feelin' Crucial
13-We Ain't Studen
14-Jump Down
15-Ride Out Dip
16-Let Me Know
17-In The Circle Feat. Teddy Kane
18-I Done Been

Crucial Conflict - Planet Crucon

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