Monday, August 18, 2008

VA - Presents Killaz, Crooks & Come-Ups Part 2 [2007][CHI]

01 Vudu (Psyde Of Psychodrama)
02 Matrix Feat. Tweek & Awal (Sinna Of Tre Sins)
03 Catch The Flux (Tre-4)
04 Aint No Luv (Sandman)
05 Flip Dat Work (Soundmaster T & Jah Rista)
06 My Cry (C.O. Tha Bad Black)
07 Creeds & Concepts (Payroll)
08 Muthafuckin (Gang Murder) [Preast]
09 Ghetto Famous (Outside)
10 Put In Work (Ducci)
11 Goin Hard (Tweek Of Quarta Oz)
12 Let Me Get That (D.A. Smart)
13 Comin 4 Them Ends (Connected Fellaz & E-Dub The Gangsta)
14 Street Hop (Darkside Ballaz)

VA - Presents Killaz, Crooks & Come-Ups Part 2

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rushin Roolet Presents City Life Ent - Time To Eat [2008][Kansas City]

01 On My Mam
02 I'm Holdin
03 Hogs Feat. Rushin Roolet
04 Why They Snitching
05 You Can Get It
06 Ghetto Love
07 Make It Crack
08 Pookieism
09 That Girl Feat. Jahad
10 I'm A Boss
11 Real Nigga Feat. X-Plicit
12 Loot N Dollaz Feat. Swishamane
13 Me And You
14 K'S R Us
15 Hold On
16 I Want Paper
17 Watch How You Look Feat. Rushin Roolet

Rushin Roolet Presents City Life Ent - Time To Eat

Monday, August 11, 2008

Solé - Skin Deep [1999][Kansas City]

01 - Interlude/The Coming
02 - Spell My Name Right Mr. Raja
03 - Da Story
04 - Iy Yi Yi Feat. Miss Toi & Bobbi Bosselina
05 - 4,5,6 Feat. J.T. Money & Kandi (Of Xscape)
06 - Aint Nobody Fuckin' Wit It Feat. Tech N9ne
07 - We've Been Trying Too Long Feat. Big Gipp
08 - Antoine's Interlude
09 - Young Niggas
10 - It Wasn't Me
11 - Pain
12 - 4 The Love Of You Feat. Tamar
13 - Our World Feat. Lo...
14 - Accurate Math
15 - Get Up In It
16 - Who Dat Feat. J.T. Money
17 - Never Thought I

Solé - Skin Deep

Da Brat Discography

Da Brat was one of the first of a new breed of hard-edged female MCs to hit the hip-hop scene during the '90s. Although sexuality was certainly part of her image, it wasn't as important to her as it was to Lil' Kim or Foxy Brown; instead, Da Brat made her name as a tough, profane rhymer whose hardcore attitude and lyrical skills were never in doubt. Da Brat was born Shawntae Harris in Chicago in 1974, and started rapping at age 11. Still a teenager, she was discovered by producer Jermaine Dupri in 1992, when she won an amateur rap contest and got a chance to meet Dupri's protégés Kris Kross. With their endorsement, Dupri signed her to his So So Def label and produced her debut album, Funkdafied, which was released in 1994. The title track was an enormous hit, going to number two on the R&B charts and spending nearly three months on top of the rap singles chart. Its success -- as well as that of the follow-up singles Fa All Y'All and Give It 2 You -- helped Da Brat become the first female rapper ever to have a platinum-selling album. Funkdafied also hit number one on the R&B album chart, a staggering achievement for a debut release by a female rapper.

For her 1996 follow-up, Anuthatantrum, Da Brat took greater control of her music and persona, scoring hits with Sittin' on Top of the World and Ghetto Love. The album was another commercial success, returning her to the R&B Top Five and the pop Top 20. In its wake, Da Brat made high-profile cameo appearances on records by the likes of Mariah Carey, Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott, Total, Dru Hill, and Lil' Kim, among others. She also made her film debut in 1996 in the Shaquille O'Neal comedy Kazaam. Just prior to the release of her third album in 2000, Da Brat was arrested on assault charges after allegedly pistol-whipping another woman during an altercation at an Atlanta nightclub. She later pled guilty to a lesser charge of reckless conduct, and was let off with a fine, probation, and community service. Meanwhile, her album Unrestricted appeared in the spring of 2000, and found her sporting a somewhat sexier image. It became not only her second R&B chart-topper, but also her biggest album on the pop charts to date, climbing into the Top Five. She also enjoyed hits with the singles That's What I'm Looking For and What'Chu Like. In 2001, Da Brat returned to the big screen in Mariah Carey's ill-fated film Glitter, and issued her solo follow-up Limelite, Luv & Niteclubz in 2003.

Da Brat - Funkdafied (1994)

01 - Da Shit Ya Can't Fuc' Wit
02 - Fa' All Y'all
03 - Fire It Up (Celebration Time)
04 - Funkdafied
05 - May Da Funk Be Wit' 'Cha
06 - Ain't No Thang
07 - Come And Get Some
08 - Mind Blowin'
09 - Give It 2 You

Da Brat - Funkdafied

Da Brat - Anuthatantrum (1996)

01 Anuthatantrum
02 My Beliefs
03 Sittin' On Top Of The World
04 Let's All Get High Feat. Krayzie
05 West Side Interlude
06 Just A Little Bit More
07 Keepin' It Live
08 Ghetto Love Feat. T-Boz
09 Lyrical Molestation
10 Live It Up
11 Make It Happen

Da Brat - Anuthatantrum

Da Brat - Unrestricted (2000)

01 Intro Feat. Millie Jackson & Twista
02 We Ready Feat. JD & Lil' Jon
03 What'chu Like Feat. Tyrese
04 At The Club (Interlude)
05 Fuck You
06 Back Up Feat. Ja Rule
07 Hands In The Air Feat. Mystikal & Deric ''D-Dot'' Angelettie
08 Runnin' Out Of Time
09 That's What I'm Looking For
10 Breeve On Em
11 What's On Ya Mind Feat. 22, LaTocha Scott, & Trey Lorenz
12 Leave Me Alone (Interlude)
13 High Come Down Feat. LaTocha Scott & Trey Lorenz
14 All My Bitches
15 Pink Lemonade Feat. Debra Killings
16 A Word From...Da Bishop Don "Magic" Juan (Interlude)

Da Brat - Unrestricted

Da Brat - Limelite Luv & Niteclubz (2003)

01 World Premiere Feat. Jermaine Dupri, M.O.P. & Q Da Kid
02 In Love Wit Chu Feat. Cherish
03 Ain't Got Time To Waste
04 Gotta Thing For You Feat. Mariah Carey
05 Who Am I
06 Boom
07 Got It Poppin' Feat. Jermaine Dupri
08 Chuch Feat. Cee-Lo
09 Get Somebody Feat. Keisha Jackson
10 I Was The One Feat. Anthony Hamilton
11 Gushy Wushy

Da Brat - Limelite Luv & Niteclubz

Da Brat - Ghetto Love (2005)

01 Ghetto Love [Radio Remix] Feat. T-Boz
02 Pink Lemonade
03 Give It 2 You [Da Baka Boyz Remix]
04 That's What I'm Looking For
05 What's On Ya Mind Feat. 22, LaTocha Scott & Trey Lorenz
06 Mind Blowin'
07 Fa All Y'all [Extended Club Mix]
08 Breeve On Em Feat. 22
09 Runnin' Out Of Time Feat. Kelly Price
10 Back Up Feat. Ja Rule

Da Brat - Ghetto Love

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Marvaless Discography

Sacramento, California-based hardcore rapper Marvaless debuted in 1994 with Ghetto Blues; in addition to successive solo releases including 1995's Just Marvaless and 1996's Wiccked, she also made a series of guest appearances on records by acts including 2Pac, Conscious Daughters, Mac Mall, Master P's West Coast Bad Boyz, and such AWOL label mates as Lunasicc and C-BO. Fearless followed in 1998. In 2001 Marvaless released Ghetto Blues 2001

Marvaless - Ghetto Blues (1994)

01-Ghetto Blues
02-Niggaz & Hoes Feat. Pizzo
03-Smokin' Da Bomb Feat. C-Bo & Rup Dog
04-It's About Time
05-Kill The Disrespect
06-Can't Stand The Heat Feat. C-Bo
07-Don't Cross Me
08-Another Dead Nigga
09-Female Assassin
10-Shouts Out

Marvaless - Ghetto Blues

Marvaless - Just Marvaless (1994)

01-Just Marvaless
02-That's How We Creep
03-Ride With Me
04-Hard Core
05-Jealous Bitches

Marvaless - Just Marvaless

Marvaless - Wiccked (1996)

01-Ride With Me
04-Sacramento Feat. Levitti
05-Bring The Bomg
06-Player Shit
07-See The Light Feat. C-Bo
08-Stackin Riches
09-Ride With Me (Remix)
10-Fuckin' With Pros
11-Killa Cali
13-West Coast

Marvaless - Wiccked

Marvaless - Fearless (1998)

02-Where The Weed At Feat. Steady Mobbin, Ephriam Galloway, Little Bruce & 151
03-Eyez On The Prize (Radio Single)
04-Bitch Made Niggaz
05-What Would U Do? Feat. 151
06-Paper Chase
07-Deadly Weapon Feat. C-Bo
08-The Struggle
09-Bonnie & Clyde Feat. Killa Tay
10-The Drama & The Lies
11-Mafia Niggaz Feat. Steady Mobbin, Ephriam Galloway & C-Bo
12-Ghetto Tales Feat. Laroo
14-Mob Shit Feat. Pizzo, Killa Tay, Laroo, Lunasicc & 151
15-Cali Players
16-Chips Feat. Little Bruce
17-Where U From Feat. Laroo, 4C & Lil Ric

Marvaless - Fearless

Marvaless - Ghetto Blues 2001 (2001)

01-Ghetto Blues
02-You Know We Got This Locked
03-Old School
04-Two Sides of the Game
06-So Quick, So Fast
07-Thug Niggaz
08-Keep It Kracken [Freestyle]
09-Rip Tupac
10-Run, Duck, Hide
12-Get It, Get It
13-Oooh [Remix]

Marvaless - Ghetto Blues 2001

Messy Marv & Marvaless - Bonnie & Clyde (2004)

01 - Intro
02 - Waitin On You
03 - Real P.I.
04 - What You Want
05 - I Am Rap
06 - In The Traffic
07 - La Familia
08 - Goin Thru Some Thangs
09 - Off Top
10 - The World Is Ghetto (Messy Marv Solo)
11 - Bitch Niggaz (Marvaless Solo)
12 - Outro
13 - Don't Hate On This (Bonus Track)

Messy Marv & Marvaless - Bonnie & Clyde

C-Bo Presents Marvaless - Ready Made (2005)

01 - Ready Made Feat. Killa Tay
02 - Do The Math Feat. C-Bo
03 - Game Like Us Feat. T-Nutty
04 - Black Queen Feat. Juana Blaze
05 - Fuckin Wit Us
06 - Ooh Ooh Feat. C-Bo
07 - My Time 2 Shine Now Feat. Missippi
08 - Money Right Feat. Angel
09 - Skit Feat. 2Pac
10 - Thug Life Feat. Jacka & Rydah J Klyde
11 - Comin Like Dat Feat. San Quinn
12 - Rep Yo Shit Feat. Young Bop
13 - Rap Game Feat. Rick Rock
14 - U So Fly
15 - Reality Feat. Teza Mania
16 - Last Dayz
17 - Ready 2 Ride Feat. Laroo
18 - 29 Gun Salute Feat. Young Bop & C-Bo

C-Bo Presents Marvaless - Ready Made

Husalah, Marvaless & The Jacka - 3 Da Hardway (2005)

02-Rock The Cocaine
03-Niggas Doing To Much
04. Mobshit
05. Me My Nigga Hus
06. Won't Make It Home
07. Moblife
08. King Of The Block
09. High Up
10. Have Yo Azz Lay Down
11. Ride Like We Ride
12. Same Shit Everyday
13. Mob Wit The Best
14. Shower Posse
15. Unreleased Bonus Track (The Game In The New NWA)

Husalah, Marvaless & The Jacka - 3 Da Hardway

Killa Tay Discography

Killa Tay debuted in 1998 with Mr. Mafioso on AWOL records, the same record label as C-Bo, Lunasicc, Marvaless, Pizzo, Laroo etc. Killa Tay left AWOL and release Bullys wit fullys, agroup with Guce in 2000. it featured tracks with Yukmouth, Fed X, Tha Outlawz, Agerman, JT The Bigga Figga and others. In 2000 Killa Tay released his second solo album called Snake Eyez featuring tracks with C-Bo, Mac Mall, Yukmouth, Edi, Brotha Lynch and others. A week later in 2000 Killa Tay released a compilation called Killa Tay's Thug Thisle. In 2001 Killa Tay released the album Thug Religion.

(Lunasicc, Killa Tay & K.J.) Dosia - Waiting To Inhale

02-G'Z At This
03-Bang On Niggas
04-Smash Down
05-Dirty Game
06-Hardcore Raps
07-Family Ties
08-Who Got The Bomb
09-Thought I Told Ya
11-Can't Trust No Bitch
12-Fucc The World
13-'G' Thang

Dosia - Waiting To Inhale

Killa Tay - Flood The Market

01-It's West Coast Feat. Bad Azz
02-Game Don't Wait Feat. Cozmo
03-Respect My Gangsta Feat. Spice 1 & Yukmouth
04-Get This Money Feat. 151 & Yukmouth
05-West Side Bangin Feat. G Dub & Spice 1
06-Money World Feat. Mississippi, Luni Coleone & Napoleon
07-Hot Shit Feat. C-Bo
08-Nothin' But Game
09-Mobb Moves Feat. San Quinn, Mac Mall & Marvaless
10-Independent Feat. Juvenile & E-40
11-Killa Named Tay Feat. Cozmo, Mr. Redd Dogg & San Quinn
12-Only God Can Judge
13-My Eyes Feat. Spice 1 & Daz Dillinger
14-Kingpins Only
15-Pimp Feat. Do-Bad & Mayhem

Killa Tay - Flood The Market

Killa Tay & Pat Lowrenzo Coleone - Paper Politicians

Killa Tay & Pat Lowrenzo Coleone - Disc 1 Paper Politicians

01-What's Tha Difference
02-2 Cali G's (Intro)
03-2 Cali G's
04-One Mo' Hit (Intro)
05-One Mo' Hit
06-Luv Me Feat. Knowledge Bone, Jacklyn Marie & Mestiza
07-Paper Politicians
08-I'm Wit It
09-The Epitome Feat. Dobad, Mahem & Knowledge Bone
10-Hyphy Smoke'n
11-We Get The Party Started!!
12-Let Yourself Go Hurricane Dance
13-The Way We Dance Feat. Poe Devil
14-Expose A Snitch (Intro)
15-Expose A Snitch
16-California Feat. Yobz & Dobad
17-Get Yo Paper Feat. Yobz & Bigg Boyy Cliff

Killa Tay & Pat Lowrenzo Coleone - Disc 2 Paper Politicians Chopped & Screwed By DJ Cap

01-California Feat. Yobz & Dobad
02-Expose A Snitch
03-The Way We Dance Feat. Poe Devil
04-Let Yourself Go Hurricane Dance
05-Luv Me Feat. Knowledge Bone, Jacklyn Marie & Mestiza
06-What's Tha Difference
07-We Get The Party Started!
08-I'm Wit It
09-The Epitome Feat. Dobad, Mahem & Knowledge Bone
10-Paper Politicians
11-2 Cali G's
12-One Mo' Hit Feat. A2ThaK
13-Get Yo Paper Feat. Yobz & Bigg Boyy Cliff
14-Hyphy Smoke'n

Killa Tay & Pat Lowrenzo Coleone - Disc 1 Paper Politicians

Killa Tay & Pat Lowrenzo Coleone - Disc 2 Paper Politicians: Chopped & Screwed By DJ Cap

Killa Tay Presents 21 Gun Salute

02-21 Gun Salute
03-Bang 4 Stripes
04-Ride Wit Me
05-Fast Life
07-Thug Entrepreneur
08-My Eyes
10-Thug Religion
11-Feti Rder
12-Aint No Luv
13-Black Out
14-Hot Shit

Killa Tay Presents 21 Gun Salute

Killa Tay Presents The Murder Show (OST)

01-Murder Show Anthem
02-Blocc Movements
03-Ride Tonight
05-Thugz Till We Gone
06-Club Groove On
07-I Ain't Ballin' Yet
08-A Snitch Song
09-My Doggs
10-Street Playaz
11-Do Ya Know
12-My Turf
13-Call You A Bitch
14-Big Thangs
15-All About Dollars
16-Mobbed Out

Killa Tay Presents The Murder Show (OST)

C-Bo & Killa Tay - The Moment Of Truth

01-The Moment Of Truth Feat. I-Rocc
02-Recognize A G Feat. Swoop-G
03-Live A Full Life Feat. Tha Realest
04-Put Some Work In
05-Imma Killa Feat. Mitchy Slick & Tha Realest
06-My Hood Feat. Yukmouth
08-Ride For A Nigga Feat. Yukmouth
09-Yey Yey Feat. Smigg Dirtee
10-This Is My Life Feat. Yukmouth
12-Not Real Like Me (Whistle)

C-Bo & Killa Tay - The Moment Of Truth

Killa Tay - Mr. Mafioso

01-Intro To The Game
03-Thug Livin'
04-Agent 187 Feat. Luni Coleone
05-Legit Hustlas
07-Murda 1
08-Big Dawgs
10-Mr. Mafioso
11-2 Many Mutha Fuckas
12-I See Faces
13-6 Feet Deep
14-Blocc Monster
15-We Ride
16-My Past Time Feat. Luni Coleone

Killa Tay - Mr. Mafioso

Killa Tay - Snake Eyes

02-Hard Ball
03-Thug Livin' II Feat. E.D.I.
04-Mob Life
05-The Murda Show Feat. C-Bo
06-Big Scrilla
07-Coast Trippin'
08-Power Moves
09-Let's Ride
10-Perfect 187
11-So Serious Feat. Brotha Lynch, Marvaless & Luni Coleone
13-Snake Eyes
14-Gz On It
15-The Last Days

Killa Tay - Snake Eyes

Killa Tay - Thug Religion

01-The Real Truth
02-Mob Life Made Livin'
03-Thug World
04-The Big Paybacc
05-Shady Game
06-Revelations Feat. Guce
07-Under Pressure
08-Military Mind
09-1 Enemy At A Time
10-Luv 4 Me
11-Second Coming
12-Ghetto Heaven
13-Brand New Day
14-All In Your Brain
15-Da Game (Bonus Track) Feat. B-Legit, Richie Rich & A-Wax
16-Cali Players (Bonus Track) Feat. Luni Coleone, Celly Cel & Pizzo

Killa Tay - Thug Religion

Killa Tay - Thug Thistle

01 Watts (Intro)
02 So Serious Feat. Brotha Lynch, Marvaless & Luni Coleone
03 #1 Hottest Coast (Killa Cali)
04 Mob Music
05 Top Dollar Feat. Agerman & Luni Coleone
06 Whoo Ride Feat. C-Bo
07 Murder Kill Feat. Luni Coleone & Marvaless
08 Turf Kings
09 Ride Tonight
10 Tug Babies Feat. Bad Azz
11 Thug Thizzle Feat. Bad Azz
12 That's It
13 Hate The Game
14 On The Trigga
15 Rap Star Feat. Agerman & Luni Coleone
16 Blast First
17 Outro

Killa Tay - Thug Thistle

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Playya 1000 Discography

Playya 1000 is responsible for putting Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the hip-hop map, dropping heat for the last 18 years.

As a member of the local underground group DC Boys, Playya began recording tracks at a faster pace than the rest of the group, resulting in over 30 solo songs and the launch of a solo career.

The first Playya 1000 release, ‘Reality’, was a hit record in the streets despite little radio support. The street buzz from ‘Reality’ paved the way for nationwide distribution and his second release, ‘Blame it On Society?’, which sold roughly 20,000 copies and was featured in The Source Magazine. Fans outside of Oklahoma began to take notice of the California/Midwest hybrid sound that would make Playya 1000 internationally known.

Riding the success of ‘Blame it on Society’, the Dynamic duo released ‘Mo Drama’ in 1994, considered by many fans to be an underground classic. The album featured the summer anthem ‘Sunday Afternoon’ and sold 30,000 units. ‘Sunday Afternoon’ has been a fixture on Tulsa radio stations since its release and has been featured on numerous Japanese mixtapes.

After working with other artists such as Deco D, Ghetto Kaos, Big Bur-na and 5-0 Hustlas, Playya released his fourth solo record, ‘Foe Da Mill Ticket’. While considered his best release, Playya gained custody of his four children and was forced into an early retirement. The album did not receive the proper promotion and distribution it deserved.

Playya 1000 - Reality (1991)

01 - Mom Tried
02 - Eazy
03 - Smokers
04 - Playya 1000's Groove
05 - Something Funky
06 - Lookin' For A Hero
07 - 40 Hour Front
08 - A Final Message

Playya 1000 -Reality

Playya 1000 - Blame It On Society (1993)

01 Blame It On Society
02 Dis X Is 4-Ever
03 Love Don't Live Here
04 Mobbin' Feat. Small Town Playya's
05 2 Bad I Don't Smoke
06 Prelude 2 Black
07 Black On Black
08 Easy (Street Version)
09 G's Up
10 County Jail Trippin'
11 Mom Tried (Radio Version)
12 Doin' Bad Feat. Silent Rage
13 Easy (Radio Version)

Playya 1000 - Blame It On Society

Playya 1000 - Mo' Drama (1994)

01 - Drama (Intro)
02 - A Pound
03 - Creep Wit' Me
04 - Sunday Afternoon
05 - Feel Me
06 - Special
07 - T-U-L-S-A
08 - Mo' Drama
09 - The Layback
10 - Watchin' U
11 - 2 Snaps
12 - 4-The-Nigga-N-U
13 - Sunday Afternoon (Radio Edit)
14 - Creep (Outro)

Playya 1000 - Mo' Drama

Playya 1000 - Foe-Da-$Mill$-Ticket (1995)

02-Things Will Be
03-1-2 Time Homiez
04-The Chase
05-Choppin Game
06-The Lick
07-Boom-Boom Feat. Dramma
08-Stressin Feat. Theo McGee
09-Straight Lacin Feat. Dramma
10-On & Poppin
11-All Day Everyday
12-1-2 Time Homiez (Radio)
13-The Lick (Radio)

Playya 1000 - Foe-Da-$Mill$-Ticket

Playya 1000 - The Forgotten Man (1997)

01 - Foe Da Mil Ticket
02 - In My Pockets
03 - Love Don't Live Here Anymore
04 - Funk In Da Trunk
05 - Da Lick (Remix)
06 - Choppin Game (Remix)
07 - Strange (This Feelin')
08 - Looking Out My Window
09 - Thinking Deep
10 - Da Northside
11 - Da Streets Know
12 - Tha Dice Game
13 - Mentality
14 - Can't Escape
15 - Things Will Be (Instrumental)
16 - The Lick (Instrumental)

Playya 1000 - The Forgotten Man

Playya 1000 - 20-20 Vision (2007)

01 Intro (What If)
02 2 Step
03 Da Anthem
04 Sunday Afternoon (4-Ever)
05 Let's Go
06 Love Dont Live Here
07 Everybody Make It Home
08 Special
09 Driven
10 Yes Sir
11 Out Tha Way
12 How Times Have Changed
13 20-20 Vision
14 Just Ridin
15 Give A Lil Mo
16 Da Chase
17 Choppin Game
18 Get Yours
19 Refuse 2 Lose

Playya 1000 - 20-20 Vision

Mack 10 Discography

Dedrick Rolison (born August 9, 1971) is an American gangsta rapper and actor best known by his stage name Mack 10. Born in the city of Inglewood, California. He was a member of the hardcore rap trio known as the Westside Connection, along with Ice Cube and WC. He was consequently involved in Ice Cube's feud with Cypress Hill. He has sold 2.4 million albums as solo artist and label owner.

Rolison married Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, from R&B trio TLC in 2000. They have one daughter name Chase Rolison, born on October 20, 2000. In 2004 T-Boz filed for divorce and a restraining order against him.

Rolison is also the founder of independent record label Hoo-Bangin' Records.

Mack 10 - Mack 10 (1995)

01-Mickey D's Lick
02-Foe Life
03-Wanted Dead
04-On Them Thangs
05-Pigeon Coup
06-Chicken Hawk
07-Here Comes The G
08-Westside Slaughterhouse Feat. Ice Cube & WC
09-Niggas Dog Scraping
10-Armed & Dangerous
11-H.O.E.K. Feat. K-Dee
12-10 Million Ways
14-Mack 10's The Name

Mack 10 - Mack 10

Mack 10 - Based On A True Story (1997)

01-Mack Mansion (Intro)
02-Chicken Hawk 2
03-Mack 10, Mack 10 Feat. AllFrumThal I & The Comrads
04-Bangin' Gears (Skit)
05-Backyard Boogie
06-Can't Stop Feat. E-40
07-Tonight's The Night
08-Aqua Boogie (Skit)
09-The Guppies Feat. Ice Cube
10-Inglewood Swangin'
12-What You Need? (Dopeman '97)
13-Only In California Feat. Ice Cube & Snoop Doggy Dogg
14-Gangster Poem (Skit)
15-W/S Foe Life
16-Based On A True Story

Mack 10 - Based On A True Story

Mack 10 - The Recipe (1998)

02-The Recipe Feat. Boo Kapone, Techniec, Binky & CJ Mac
03-You Ain't Seen Nothin' Feat. Jermaine Dupri & Foxy Brown
04-Made Niggaz Feat. Master P & Mystikal
05-Get Yo Ride On Feat. Eazy-E & MC Eiht
06-Money's Just A Touch Away Feat. Gerald Levert
07-Suck Down (Skit)
08-Get A Lil Head Feat. Boo Kapone, Techniec, Binky & CJ Mac
09-For The Money Feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard & Buckshot
10-Ghetto Horror Show Feat. Ice Cube & Jayo Felony
11-LBC And The ING Feat. Snoop Dogg
12-Radio Insert: Funkmaster Flex
13-Let The Games Begin Feat. Fat Joe & Big Punisher
14-#1 Crew In The Area Feat. WC, K-Mac, CJ Mac, Binky, Boo Kapone, Techniec, Thump & Tha Roadawgs
15-Gangsta Shit's Like A Drug Feat. Tray Deee & Squeak Ru
16-The Letter
17-Should I Stay Or Should I Go Feat. Ice Cube

Mack 10 - The Recipe

Mack 10 - The Paper Route (2000)

02-From Tha Streetz
03-Nobody Feat. Westside Connection & Timbaland
04-I'm Special (Skit)
05-I'm Dope
06-Pimp Or Die Feat. Techniec & Too Short
07-Tight To Def Feat. T-Boz
08-Pop X Feat. Techniec, Caviar, Xzibit, Skoop Delania & Pinky
09-Keep It Gangsta
10-Hustle Game
11-Spousal Abuse Feat. Techniec & Kokane
12-For Sale Feat. Young Bloodz, Big Gipp & Techniec
13-Tha Weekend Feat. Ice Cube & Techniec

Mack 10 - The Paper Route

Mack 10 - Bang Or Ball (2001)

02-Hate In Yo Eyes
03-Let The Thugs In The Club Feat. Lil Wayne & B.G.
04-So Serious Feat. Big Tymers
05-Connected For Life Feat. Ice Cube, WC & Butch Cassidy
06-Dominoes (Skit)
07-That Bitch Is Bad
08-Do The Damn Thing
09-King Pin Dream Feat. Mikkey E & Big Tymers
11-No Dick (Skit)
12-No Dick At All Feat. Skoop Delania
14-Let It Be Known Feat. Scarface & Xzibit
15-Announcement (Skit)
16-We Can Never Be Friends Feat. Big Tymers & Lace & Stone
17-Dog About It Feat. B.G.
18-Murder Feat. Turk E & Big Tymers

Mack 10 - Bang Or Ball

Mack 10 Presents Da Hood (2002)

02-Welcome To The Hood
03-LA Fo Ya
04-Everyday Feat. Lil Jon & Techniec
05-Get Yo Ride On (Skit)
06-Hittin Swithces
07-We Ain't Playin
08-Pimpin Ken (Skit)
10-Pay Back
11-Put It Down
12-What You Gone Do? Feat. Ice Cube
13-Life As a Gangsta Feat. Timbaland & Cash Money Millionaires
14-Nobody Hoo Bangin Style

Mack 10 - Mack 10 Presents Da Hood

Mack 10 - Ghetto, Gutter & Gangster (2003)

02-Lights Out Feat. Ice Cube, WC & Knoc-turn'al
03-K To The MAC Feat. K-Mac
04-Please Believe It Feat. Da Hood & Money Grip
05-Get Yo Ride On
06-Promise To Be A Hustla Feat. Da Hood
07-Figaro Rida Feat. B-Brazy
08-Ain't Got A Penny To Give Feat. Young Hoggs
09-The Big Bang Theory (Skit)
10-S.O.O. W.O.O. (Remix) Feat. Reservoir Dogs
11-Dirt Feat. Fat Joe & Damizza
12-Gather 'Round Feat. Young Hoggs
13-Gangsta Feat. Young Hoggs, Money Grip & Young Tre
14-The Weed Song Feat. Young Hoggs, Skoop & Devi
15-Look At Us Now Feat. Da Hood & Butch Cassidy
16-Live Wire Feat. Young Hoggs
17-Page 1 Feat. Reservoir Dogs
18-Double Fisted Feat. E-40 & The Mossie
19-In The Heart Of The Ghetto Feat. Turf Talk
20-Rule The World Feat. J-Man

Mack 10 - Ghetto, Gutter & Gangster

Mack 10 - Hustla's Handbook (2005)

01-Like This Feat. Nate Dogg
02-Da Bizness
03-Pop Feat. Red Cafe & Wanted
04-Dome Shot Feat. Young Soprano
05-Don't Hate Me Feat. DL & Wanted
06-The Testimony Feat. Young Soprano & Pastor Steven Hamilton
07-Step Yo Game Up Feat. B Real & DJ
08-So Gangsta Feat. Butch Cassidy
09-I'm A Star Feat. Ruka Puff & Bigga Brown
10-My Chucks
11-Keep It Hood Feat. Bre Perry
12-Cognac & Doja Feat. Butch Cassidy & Young Soprano
13-By The Bar Feat. Kanary Diamonds & Wanted
14-Mack Sinatra (Skit)
15-Livin' Just To Ball
16-Ride Out Feat. Chingy (Bonus Track)

Mack 10 - Hustla's Handbook

Mack 10 - Foe Life: The Best Of Mack 10 (2007)

01-Foe Life
02-Hate In Yo Eyes
03-Nothin' But The Cavi Hit Feat. Tha Dogg Pound
04-Like This Feat. Nate Dogg
05-From Tha Streetz
06-Only In California Feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg & Ice Cube
07-Money's Just A Touch Away Feat. Gerald Levert
08-On Them Thangs
09-Do The Damn Thing
10-Hoo Bangin'
11-The Testimony Feat. Young Soprano & Pastor Steven Hamilton
12-Hustle Game
13-The Letter
14-Chicken Hawk
15-My Chucks
16-Tha Weekend Feat. Ice Cube & Techniec
17-W/S For Life
18-Get Yo Ride On Feat. Eazy-E & M.C. Eiht

Mack 10 - Foe Life: The Best Of Mack 10

T-Nutty Discography

T-Nutty - Flowmastermouth

01 Simple Statement
02 Flowmastermouth
03 Cali Boyz Feat. Big Hollis & Bad Business
04 Aint That About A Bitch
05 After Tonite Feat. Bop, Mississippi & Tanguray
06 Mic Check Feat. Bop, Hurricaine Insane, Sav Sicc & Bleezot
07 Nutt Factors Up
08 High Times
09 Tip Toe Feat. Marvaless
10 Nigga Wit Game Deat. Rossi
11 Black Armor Feat. Jacka Of The Mob Figaz
12 West Walkin'
13 When The Chop Starts Poppin' Feat. Sav Sicc
14 Today's A Gift
15 Sac Kingz
16 Controversy Feat. Fat Tone
17 (Bonus Track) Nutt Factorz

T-Nutty - Flowmastermouth

T-Nutty - The Gasoline (Bootleg)

Disc 1

01-What Yall Want
02-Im That Nigga
03-Word On The Street
04-Rapid Fire
05-Im Ghetto
05-Turf Thuggin
06-They Cant Bust Like Us
07-Thug Theez
10-High Risk Offenderz
10-My Block
10-Seattle 2 Tha Bay
10-Why Do They Die
11-Game Official
12-Real In These Streets

Disc 2

01 - Rip Off The Roof
02 - Why They Wanna
03 - Don't Wanna See Any
04 - Murda
05 - I'm Ghetto
06 - Repercussoins
07 - Strapped Down Wit A Gun
08 - No Fear
09 - Smoke N Drink
10 - My Block
11 - Blocc Shit
12 - But They Dont Know

Disc 3

01 - Blocc Movements
02 - All My Dogs
03 - War Again
04 - Chasin Cheddar
05 - Thug Love
06 - Reguardless
07 - Love The Game 2 Death
08 - Bitches Ain't Shit
09 - Fuckin Around
10 - Seattle 2 Tha Bay
11 - We Bang (Outro)

T-Nutty - The Gasoline Disc 1
T-Nutty - The Gasoline Disc 2
T-Nutty - The Gasoline Disc 3

T-Nutty - The Last Of The Flo Heakinz

01-The First Blow
02-Flowheecanz Feat. Bop
03-Nutty Nite
04-Strugglin' Feat. Hollow Tip
05-Do It Heavy Feat. Snoop Dogg & Young Bop
06-Swang Tha Azz
07-No Love
08-My Babies
09-My Shoes
10-Strapped Down
11-Sneaky Feat. Keak Da Sneak
12-Make It Happen Feat. Messy Marv & I-Rocc
13-Fuck You Niggaz Feat. AP.9
14-Battle Rap
15-Deadly Games
16-Break It Off Feat. Beezy
17-Young Nutt Factor
18-Chicken Wit Feathers Feat. Young Bop
19-Don't Floss

T-Nutty - The Last Of The Flo Heakinz

T-Nutty & Big Nolove Presents Lyrical Octane: Tha Gas Effect

02-Excuse Me
03-2 Gether
05-Off Tha Edge
06-On Tha Roof
08-7 Doorz
11-Tha Savageness
12-Rhyme I Wrote
15-Part 2

T-Nutty & Big Nolove Presents Lyrical Octane: Tha Gas Effect

T-Nutty & Big Roc - State 2 State

01-State 2 State
02-We From The Block
03-For Gangsta & Lowlifes
04-State 2 State (Part 2)
05-Drug Flippin
06-I Can't Tell
07-You Don't Want It With Me
08-Keepin' It Gangsta
09-A Spider In The Night
11-Paper Chase
12-Good Stuff
13-Mad Gorilla
15-Thuggin It Out
16-My Pain
17-I Swear To Tell The Truth
18-Be With You
19-Bonus Track

T-Nutty & Big Roc - State 2 State

T-Nutty Presents The Nutt Factor Project

01-On My Mind
02-I Need My Bread
03-Let 'Em Have It
04-She Let Me Hittem
05-One By One
06-Savin' Out
07-City Of Colors
08-Rap Attack
10-The Break Down
11-You Don't Know Me
12-Big Homie
13-Scrape Sumthin
14-I Can't Hold Bacc
15-What They Don't See
16-For My Blocc Niggaz

T-Nutty Presents The Nutt Factor Project

San Quinn & T-Nutty - A Warrior And A King: Lyrical Kingdom

01 Catch Me If U Can
02 We Get Cheddtah
03 It's Not Gravy
04 Stay Up Out My Mix
05 We Just Do It
06 I'm On That
07 When It's Drama
08 What U Wanna Do
09 Calling Me Money
10 Get To The Grind
11 Do It How We Want Too
12 Hunid Racks And My Girl
13 Bonus Track

San Quinn & T-Nutty - A Warrior And A King Lyrical Kingdom

T-Nutty - Raw From Da Jaw Chapter 3

02-He's Bacc
03-Spit That
04-I'm That Nigga 2
05-Pillow Talk Feat. Mississippi
06-Iz Dat Yo Bitch
07-Gas Face Feat. Faith Jones, Talon Jones & Julianna Jones
08-My Reason
09-I'm In Air
10-Comin Straight From The Bottom
11-Boom Feat. Young Bop & Jacc Thrilla
12-Hood Shit Feat. C-Bo
13-Loyalty Feat. Key-Loom & Messy Marv
14-On Tha Grind
15-I'm A Factor

T-Nutty - Raw From Da Jaw Chapter 3

Rhyme Scheme - For My People [2006][CHI]

01 - For My People (Intro)
02 - I'ma Make It
03 - Son Of Our Time
04 - Please God
05 - For My People
06 - Escape
07 - Ghetto Child
08 - Silent Night (Chicago Life)
09 - Mis Angeles
10 - Today Was Good
11 - Would You
12 - Die Tonight Feat. Visual
13 - Gotta Be A Better Way
14 - El Velorio (The Wake)
15 - Way Of The World
16 - Nothin' Gonna Stop Me Feat. Visual
17 - Be What I Wanna Be Feat. Longshot

Rhyme Scheme - For My People

VA - Sticky Icky Entertainment Presents Middle Of The Map Compilation [2007][Kansas City]

01-KC Clap (Txx Will & Sticky)
02-Money, Guns, Drugs (Fatboy Chubb & D-Coy)
03-KC War Lord (Mr. Stinky)
04-Bread (Hobo Tone, Young Matress & J Mac)
05-Watch How You Move (R.O.B.)
06-This Way (Boy Big & Sliccs)
07-I Can't Help Myself (Young Kev)
08-Now You Know (Don Juan & Lunatic)
09-My Time (Bakarii & Mel Da Poppa)
10-Get Ya Money (Rich The Factor, Fatboy Chubb & Filthy Fattz)
11-I'm A Hustler (Finesse)
12-Killa City (Dough Boy & 2oon)
13-Blow Dro (Aliaz)
14-M.O.B. Boy (Slopp Da Gambla & D-Locc)
15-Unstoppable (Riv Locc)
16-KCMO (Abaleanie)
17-Areas Code (The Ballstar & G3MZ)
18-Holla Back (The Popper)
19-Patience (Sticky)

VA - Sticky Icky Entertainment Presents Middle Of The Map Compilation