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Chino XL Discography

Chino XL (born Derek Keith Barbosa, April 8, 1974, in East Orange, New Jersey) is a New Jersey rapper a nephew of Bernie Worrell of Parliament/Funkadelic. He is known for his technically accomplished style and battling abilities. His style incorporates self-consciously over-the-top punchlines (which usually take the form of puns or similes) and exaggerated egotism. He is also known for his brief feud with Tupac Shakur. He cites his biggest influence as LL Cool J. He is a member of the intellectual collective Mensa.

After co-founding the duo Art of Origin, the half-African American, half-Puerto Rican emcee was signed at age 16 by music impresario Rick Rubin to Rubin's American Records imprint, which was once part of the Warner Bros. Records family. He released his debut album Here to Save You All in 1996. The debut was released to critical acclaim and major airplay by radio and MTV. Though the album had a mostly underground appeal and sound, it received promotion through Chino's brief feud with Tupac Shakur.

Following Prince's departure from Warner, Chino was released by the label as well, and he released his sophomore album I Told You So in 2001. In 2002 he signed with manager Stacey Castro and began appearing in films and television. In 2006 he independently released his long-awaited album Poison Pen (co-executive produced by Castro).

Art Of Origin (Chino XL & Kerri Chandler AKA Kaoz) - No Slow Rollin' (1992)

01-No Slow Rollin'
02-No Slow Rollin' (Radio Version)
03-Mad At The World
04-Into The Pit
05-Into The Pit (Radio Version)

Art Of Origin - No Slow Rollin'

Purple Hands In The Air / Dark Night Of The Bloodspiller (1993)

01-Purple Hands In The Air
02-Purple Hands In The Air (Clean)
03-Purple Hands In The Air (Instrumental)
04-Dark Night Of The Bloodspiller
05-Dark Night Of The Bloodspiller (Clean)
06-Dark Night Of The Bloodspiller (Instrumental)

Chino XL - Purple Hands In The Air / Dark Night Of The Bloodspiller

Here To Save You All (1996)

01-Here To Save You All
03-No Complex
04-Partner To Swing
05-It's All Bad
06-Freestyle Rhymes
07-Riiiot! Feat. Ras Kass
08-Waiting To Exhale Feat. Gravitation
09-What Am I
10-Feelin' Evil Again
13-Many DIfferent Ways
14-The Shabba-Doo Conspiracy Feat. Kool Keith
15-Ghetto Vampire
17-Hidden Track

Chino XL - Here To Save You All

I Told You So (2001)

01-Rude Awakening Feat. Aziz
02-What You Got
03-History (Skit)
05-(Unlisted Crowd Skit)
06-Fuckin' Asshole (Unlisted)
07-That Would Be Me
08-Last Laugh Feat. B-Real
09-Let 'Em Live Feat. Kool G. Rap
10-Baby Momma (Skit)
11-Sorry Feat. Shaunta
12-Chino XL
13-Chinophone Part One (Skit)
14-You Don't Want It
15-Chinophone Part Two (Skit)
16-I Told You So
17-Don't Say A Word
18-Chino Fans (Skit)
21-Chianardo Di Caprio
22-(Unlisted Skit)
23-How It Goes Feat. Saafir
24-Be Here

Chino XL - I Told You So

Lyrical Messiah (2005)

02-Our Time Feat. Proof
03-The Messiah
04-Try Me
05-Watch Closer
06-I Wish U Would Feat. Royce Da 5'9'' & Canibus
07-Wake Up Show Freestyle
08-Exchanging Writtens Feat. Crooked I
09-Enough Beef Feat. Royce Da 5'9" & Common
10-62 Bars Freestyle
11-Felli Fell 13 Minute Freestyle
12-Dirty Lenin
13-Lyrical Jesus
15-Provoke The Extreme

Chino XL - Lyrical Messiah

Poison Pen (2006)

02-Poison Pen
03-Even If It Kills Me
05-Wordsmith (Interlude)
07-Beastin Feat. Killah Priest
09-Don't Fail Me Now Feat. Beatnuts
10-Our Time Feat. Proof Of D-12
11-B-Boy (Interlude)
13-Talk To You
14-What You Lookin At
15-Can't Change Me (Interlude)
16-Can't Change Me
17-All I Wanna Do... (Bout Nuthin') - Nunca [Bonus Track]

Chino XL - Poison Pen

The Definition Of MC (2006)

01-Chino XL Intro
02-Even If It Kills Me
03-Heavenly Father
04-Talk To You
05-Latino's Stand Up
06-Our Time
07-All I Wanna Do
08-Hood Love
10-Jump Back
11-The Messiah
12-Don't Fail Me Now
13-Spit That Fire
14-Killin' 'Em Right Now (Remix)
15-Do Em Dirty
18-Beef Aint Over
19-A Day Like Today
20-At It Again
21-Sly Boogy Outro
22-Role Call

Chino XL - The Definition Of MC

Warning (Hosted By: King Tech) (2007)

02-Don't Run From Me Feat. Snoop Dogg & Dre Of (Cool And Dre)
03-Hood Love Feat. Bosko & Focus
04-Latino's Stand Up (Mixtape Joint) Feat. Sinful, Pitbull & Sick Jacken
05-Killin' Em Right Now (Mixtape Joint) Feat. Y.B.
06-It Had To Happen Feat. Rock Verb & Def Jef
07-Enough Beef Feat. Common & Royce Da 5'9''
09-Live On Power 106 Feat. Felli Fel
10-Watch Closer Feat. Tracy Lane
11-That's Just My Life Feat. Big O & Focus
12-Heavenly Father
13-Lethal Feat. Verb & Focus
14-Don't Give A Flying Fuck (Mixtape Joint)
15-Jump Back Feat. Focus & WC
16-The Time Feat. Rohff Of France
17-Felli Fel Promo
18-DJ Dedication (Power 106)
19-Mr. Choc
20-Big Boy's Neighborhood

Chino XL - Warning (Hosted By: King Tech)

Chino XL & Playalitical - Something Sacred (2008)

01-Always Has Been, Always Will Be
02-Jump Off
03-Bat Signals Up
04-All I Ever Hear Feat. Duce Stabs
05-License To Puke
06-Violate You Feat. Spoke-N-Words
07-Stay In The Lines
08-Body You Feat. Supernatural
09-Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead
11-Something Sacred
12-Its No Secret
13-Let It Snow
14-Be With You Feat. Bizzy Bone
15-Smoke Screen

Chino XL & Playalitical - Something Sacred