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Mack 10 Discography

Dedrick Rolison (born August 9, 1971) is an American gangsta rapper and actor best known by his stage name Mack 10. Born in the city of Inglewood, California. He was a member of the hardcore rap trio known as the Westside Connection, along with Ice Cube and WC. He was consequently involved in Ice Cube's feud with Cypress Hill. He has sold 2.4 million albums as solo artist and label owner.

Rolison married Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, from R&B trio TLC in 2000. They have one daughter name Chase Rolison, born on October 20, 2000. In 2004 T-Boz filed for divorce and a restraining order against him.

Rolison is also the founder of independent record label Hoo-Bangin' Records.

Mack 10 - Mack 10 (1995)

01-Mickey D's Lick
02-Foe Life
03-Wanted Dead
04-On Them Thangs
05-Pigeon Coup
06-Chicken Hawk
07-Here Comes The G
08-Westside Slaughterhouse Feat. Ice Cube & WC
09-Niggas Dog Scraping
10-Armed & Dangerous
11-H.O.E.K. Feat. K-Dee
12-10 Million Ways
14-Mack 10's The Name

Mack 10 - Mack 10

Mack 10 - Based On A True Story (1997)

01-Mack Mansion (Intro)
02-Chicken Hawk 2
03-Mack 10, Mack 10 Feat. AllFrumThal I & The Comrads
04-Bangin' Gears (Skit)
05-Backyard Boogie
06-Can't Stop Feat. E-40
07-Tonight's The Night
08-Aqua Boogie (Skit)
09-The Guppies Feat. Ice Cube
10-Inglewood Swangin'
12-What You Need? (Dopeman '97)
13-Only In California Feat. Ice Cube & Snoop Doggy Dogg
14-Gangster Poem (Skit)
15-W/S Foe Life
16-Based On A True Story

Mack 10 - Based On A True Story

Mack 10 - The Recipe (1998)

02-The Recipe Feat. Boo Kapone, Techniec, Binky & CJ Mac
03-You Ain't Seen Nothin' Feat. Jermaine Dupri & Foxy Brown
04-Made Niggaz Feat. Master P & Mystikal
05-Get Yo Ride On Feat. Eazy-E & MC Eiht
06-Money's Just A Touch Away Feat. Gerald Levert
07-Suck Down (Skit)
08-Get A Lil Head Feat. Boo Kapone, Techniec, Binky & CJ Mac
09-For The Money Feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard & Buckshot
10-Ghetto Horror Show Feat. Ice Cube & Jayo Felony
11-LBC And The ING Feat. Snoop Dogg
12-Radio Insert: Funkmaster Flex
13-Let The Games Begin Feat. Fat Joe & Big Punisher
14-#1 Crew In The Area Feat. WC, K-Mac, CJ Mac, Binky, Boo Kapone, Techniec, Thump & Tha Roadawgs
15-Gangsta Shit's Like A Drug Feat. Tray Deee & Squeak Ru
16-The Letter
17-Should I Stay Or Should I Go Feat. Ice Cube

Mack 10 - The Recipe

Mack 10 - The Paper Route (2000)

02-From Tha Streetz
03-Nobody Feat. Westside Connection & Timbaland
04-I'm Special (Skit)
05-I'm Dope
06-Pimp Or Die Feat. Techniec & Too Short
07-Tight To Def Feat. T-Boz
08-Pop X Feat. Techniec, Caviar, Xzibit, Skoop Delania & Pinky
09-Keep It Gangsta
10-Hustle Game
11-Spousal Abuse Feat. Techniec & Kokane
12-For Sale Feat. Young Bloodz, Big Gipp & Techniec
13-Tha Weekend Feat. Ice Cube & Techniec

Mack 10 - The Paper Route

Mack 10 - Bang Or Ball (2001)

02-Hate In Yo Eyes
03-Let The Thugs In The Club Feat. Lil Wayne & B.G.
04-So Serious Feat. Big Tymers
05-Connected For Life Feat. Ice Cube, WC & Butch Cassidy
06-Dominoes (Skit)
07-That Bitch Is Bad
08-Do The Damn Thing
09-King Pin Dream Feat. Mikkey E & Big Tymers
11-No Dick (Skit)
12-No Dick At All Feat. Skoop Delania
14-Let It Be Known Feat. Scarface & Xzibit
15-Announcement (Skit)
16-We Can Never Be Friends Feat. Big Tymers & Lace & Stone
17-Dog About It Feat. B.G.
18-Murder Feat. Turk E & Big Tymers

Mack 10 - Bang Or Ball

Mack 10 Presents Da Hood (2002)

02-Welcome To The Hood
03-LA Fo Ya
04-Everyday Feat. Lil Jon & Techniec
05-Get Yo Ride On (Skit)
06-Hittin Swithces
07-We Ain't Playin
08-Pimpin Ken (Skit)
10-Pay Back
11-Put It Down
12-What You Gone Do? Feat. Ice Cube
13-Life As a Gangsta Feat. Timbaland & Cash Money Millionaires
14-Nobody Hoo Bangin Style

Mack 10 - Mack 10 Presents Da Hood

Mack 10 - Ghetto, Gutter & Gangster (2003)

02-Lights Out Feat. Ice Cube, WC & Knoc-turn'al
03-K To The MAC Feat. K-Mac
04-Please Believe It Feat. Da Hood & Money Grip
05-Get Yo Ride On
06-Promise To Be A Hustla Feat. Da Hood
07-Figaro Rida Feat. B-Brazy
08-Ain't Got A Penny To Give Feat. Young Hoggs
09-The Big Bang Theory (Skit)
10-S.O.O. W.O.O. (Remix) Feat. Reservoir Dogs
11-Dirt Feat. Fat Joe & Damizza
12-Gather 'Round Feat. Young Hoggs
13-Gangsta Feat. Young Hoggs, Money Grip & Young Tre
14-The Weed Song Feat. Young Hoggs, Skoop & Devi
15-Look At Us Now Feat. Da Hood & Butch Cassidy
16-Live Wire Feat. Young Hoggs
17-Page 1 Feat. Reservoir Dogs
18-Double Fisted Feat. E-40 & The Mossie
19-In The Heart Of The Ghetto Feat. Turf Talk
20-Rule The World Feat. J-Man

Mack 10 - Ghetto, Gutter & Gangster

Mack 10 - Hustla's Handbook (2005)

01-Like This Feat. Nate Dogg
02-Da Bizness
03-Pop Feat. Red Cafe & Wanted
04-Dome Shot Feat. Young Soprano
05-Don't Hate Me Feat. DL & Wanted
06-The Testimony Feat. Young Soprano & Pastor Steven Hamilton
07-Step Yo Game Up Feat. B Real & DJ
08-So Gangsta Feat. Butch Cassidy
09-I'm A Star Feat. Ruka Puff & Bigga Brown
10-My Chucks
11-Keep It Hood Feat. Bre Perry
12-Cognac & Doja Feat. Butch Cassidy & Young Soprano
13-By The Bar Feat. Kanary Diamonds & Wanted
14-Mack Sinatra (Skit)
15-Livin' Just To Ball
16-Ride Out Feat. Chingy (Bonus Track)

Mack 10 - Hustla's Handbook

Mack 10 - Foe Life: The Best Of Mack 10 (2007)

01-Foe Life
02-Hate In Yo Eyes
03-Nothin' But The Cavi Hit Feat. Tha Dogg Pound
04-Like This Feat. Nate Dogg
05-From Tha Streetz
06-Only In California Feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg & Ice Cube
07-Money's Just A Touch Away Feat. Gerald Levert
08-On Them Thangs
09-Do The Damn Thing
10-Hoo Bangin'
11-The Testimony Feat. Young Soprano & Pastor Steven Hamilton
12-Hustle Game
13-The Letter
14-Chicken Hawk
15-My Chucks
16-Tha Weekend Feat. Ice Cube & Techniec
17-W/S For Life
18-Get Yo Ride On Feat. Eazy-E & M.C. Eiht

Mack 10 - Foe Life: The Best Of Mack 10

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